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Images: In Context!™ Feature Set Overview

With its massive set of features, Images: In Context! balances power with easy of use. What does that mean for you? It means you'll be able to edit, correct and stylize your digital photos like a pro without having to read a manual or open slow confusing programs.

Each of the features of Images: In Context!™ is shown below and linked to pages describing exactly what the feature does, as well as showing screenshot examples.

Main Features in Images: In Context!™:
  • Easy to Use: You'll never have to learn complex terms or tools to use Images: In Context. If you can right-click your mouse, you can easily edit with your digital pictures and photos.
  • Powerful Filters and Effects: With more than 70 functions, effects and filters Images: In Context!™ is one of the most powerful photo utilities you can buy. By just right clicking you can easily edit and stylize pictures, and create slideshows and webpages with one click. Look below for a full list of features available within Images: In Context!
  • Safe with your Photos: Images: In Context!™ allows you to undo and/or redo up to 20 of your most recent changes to each image, no matter when those changes occured. No other photo editor offers this level of undo support. With Images: In Context!™, you never have to worry about permanently affecting your precious pictures.

Right clicking on an Individual Photo Allows You To:

Right clicking on Multiple Photos Allows You To:  Right Click in any Folder with Picture Data on the Clipboard
New in Version 1.5: The ability to fully undo any effect with image history (up to 20 levels per image), a new Scanlines effect and several performance enhancements.
New in Version 1.6: A new, larger preview window with zoom in and out icons, a new auto-update wizard to automatically receive program updates, plus a new effect: Adjust Highlights and Shadows.
Animated demos of the picture editor, Images: In Context!
Want to see how Images: In Context!™ works before downloading the free trial? Check out these animated movies illustrating common photo editing tasks:
  • Resize, crop and convert an image
  • Make webpages of your images with as few as three clicks
  • Eliminate the dreaded red-eye effect
  • Rename huge groups of your pictures
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